A close-up image of a shiny metal seal

Simseal’s SS100 100% Neutral Sanitary Sealant remains Australia’s top choice for vibrant and versatile sealing solutions. Celebrated for its array of 23 essential colours, SS100 doesn’t just seal; it complements any interior with style and substance.

This leading product is a one-part, 100% oxime, neutral-curing adhesive and sealant that includes anti-fungicide to prevent mould growth, making it perfect for use in humid environments like kitchens and bathrooms. Each colour in the range is meticulously curated to ensure that it not only matches various decor styles but also upholds the highest standards of protection against mildew and moisture.

SS100 is specially formulated to withstand the challenging Australian climate. It is also food safe, which guarantees safety in kitchen applications and other areas close to food preparation.

By offering 23 striking colour options, Simseal ensures that every Australian space can find the perfect hue to enhance both functionality and aesthetic appeal in any space prone to dampness.

With SS100 Sanitary Sealant, homeowners and builders alike can experience the perfect blend of aesthetic appeal and exceptional performance. Discover why SS100 is not just a product but a crucial part of home improvement in Australia, where quality meets creativity in every tube.