simseal waterproofing products

From Sub Tile X to Mega Prime: Unveiling the Robotic Warriors of Waterproofing

Welcome to the Simseal’s forefront of moisture management—the Simshield™ Waterproofing Line, manufactured by Bostik, where advanced technology meets practical application in the form of our ‘Waterproofing Robots’. This esteemed lineup includes stars like Sub Tile X, Supremo, Ultra X, Cemento-Max, Optimum Prime, and Mega Prime, each uniquely formulated to handle the challenges of keeping spaces dry and protected.

Simshield™ Sub Tile X is your go-to robot for tiling in wet areas, designed to comply with the latest industry standards for effective water drainage under tiles. Simshield™ Supremo and Ultra X offer flexible, polyurethane protection ideal for sloped surfaces leading to drainage points, ensuring compliance with Australian waterproofing standards.

Not to be outdone, Simshield™ Cemento-Max brings fibre-reinforced, cement-based technology for extreme durability, while Optimum Prime and Mega Prime serve as the ultimate primers ensuring that every layer adheres perfectly, no matter the surface.

These products are designed for a variety of applications including internal wet areas like bathrooms and kitchens, as well as external spaces such as balconies and rooftops. They are compatible with substrates such as concrete, masonry, fibre-cement sheeting, water-resistant plasterboard, and certain plywoods.

Adopting one of these robots means installing a guardian capable of defending against moisture intrusion with unmatched efficiency. Whether renovating a quaint bathroom or sealing a sprawling balcony, the Simshield™ Waterproofing Robots are your champions, equipped to ensure longevity and durability of your spaces.

As the battle against moisture continues, trust these robotic powerhouses to provide a shield like no other, ensuring your projects stay dry and protected, year after year.