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  • Luminescent paint: charges during the day and lights up at night
  • Color: almond green
  • Use: bicycle and pedestrian facilities


Highest duration of luminosity on the market (+ 10h), certified Class G (CE ISO17398 standard).

Recharges in a few minutes, even under cover in the middle of the forest or in poor conditions (rain, fog…).

French patented technology.

Dosage 900 g/m². Minimum packaging : 10 kg.

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Technical specifications

  • Works without electricity or CO2 emissions
  • Day/night color: almond green/green
  • High anti-slipperiness (NF EN1436 standard): SRT > 0.50 (0.70 with the addition of aggregates)
  • High Performance Luminescence (CE ISO17398 standard): Class G (+10h)
    (+3000mcd/m2 at 2 min; +80mcd/m2 at 1h), measured by a COFRAC accredited laboratory
  • Paints resistant to abrasion, repeated use and general wear and tear
  • Good resistance to freeze/thaw cycles


  • 900 g/m² to be applied on a white undercoat
  • Very easy to use: as fast and easy as a classic marking
  • Paint deposit recommended by spray/airless machine
  • Application on any type of surface: asphalt, concrete, concrete mix…


10 kg and 20 kg


  • Greenways, bicycle paths, pedestrian paths
  • Sidewalks, curbs, concrete narrowing, chicanes, singular points to be indicated
  • Animation markings on pavement in meeting zones and pedestrian areas
  • Circulated road domain (subject to experimentation protocol approved by the public authorities)

The only photoluminescent paint on the market with over 3 years of experience with its technology

LuminoKrom® almond green luminescent paint is a high performance paint that enhances visibility and safety on pedestrian and bicycle paths throughout the night.

It charges during the day and glows in the dark, creating a “light guide” that is visible for up to 10 hours and up to 80m, without electricity or CO2, without costly installation and without harmful impact on the environment.

LuminoKrom® almond green luminescent paint contributes to the quality of development by improving the practicability of bicycle and pedestrian routes all year round at all times, even in the event of adverse weather conditions. This luminous marking reassures users who can see the path, allowing them to anticipate the presence of a bend or an obstacle…

The use of greenways and bike paths equipped with almond green LuminoKrom® paint is increased, for daily commuting or for the charm of a night ride, summer or winter!

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Additional information

Weight 0.500 kg
Dimensions 20 × 5 × 5 cm


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