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From Osaka to Oz: How Simflex is revolutionising Construction

Established in 1949 in Osaka, Japan, Kaneka Corporation has grown into a global powerhouse in the chemical industry, producing an extensive range of products, including the pioneering MS Polymer™. Known for its versatile applications in adhesives, sealants, and coatings, MS Polymer™ technology is at the forefront of industrial innovation with its superior performance in diverse fields such as construction, transportation, and waterproofing.

In Australia, Simseal takes pride in representing this advanced technology through our flagship products: Simflex Facade and Simflex Multibond. Both products exemplify the exceptional qualities of MS Polymer™, setting new standards in the construction and adhesive market.

Simflex Facade: Specifically designed for the harsh Australian climate, Simflex Facade is a testament to the robustness provided by MS Polymer™ technology. It offers enhanced adhesion, weatherability, and minimal bubbling, making it ideal for outdoor construction needs. Its quick curing time and ability to withstand high joint movements make it a preferred choice for facade cladding.

Simflex Multibond: As a versatile all-rounder, Simflex Multibond brings the benefits of MS Polymer™ to a wide range of applications from indoor fittings to waterproofing solutions. Its low VOC formulation and absence of isocyanates or solvents ensure it is not only strong but also environmentally friendly and safe for use in confined spaces.

The advantages of using MS Polymer™ technology over traditional materials such as acrylics, silicones, polyurethanes, and rubber are numerous:

  • Minimal Shrinkage and Cracking: The solvent-free formula reduces physical imperfections after application.
  • Enhanced Adhesion: Offers superior stickiness across various substrates, ensuring long-lasting bonds.
  • Quick Curing and Fast Strength Buildup: Makes it an efficient option for both DIY projects and professional installations.
  • Improved Paintability and Aesthetics: Unlike silicone-based products, MS Polymer™ can be painted over, providing greater flexibility in finishing touches.

Kaneka’s commitment to innovation is mirrored in our continuous development and expansion of the MS Polymer™ product line, striving to meet the evolving needs of our global customer base. In Australia, Simseal’s Simflex range proudly carries this tradition forward, providing reliable, high-performance solutions that our customers trust.

Embrace the future of sealing and bonding; choose our Simflex products for your next project and experience the superior quality and performance of MS Polymer Technology, the cornerstone of modern construction chemistry.